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Born and raised in San Antonio, Kris spent much of his childhood looking at, evaluating, and learning to appreciate Hill Country homes and ranches with his family. His father successfully invested in Real Estate and taught Kris the ins-and-outs of not only comparing the market, but also negotiating the deal.

After graduating from Texas A&M University (Class of '95 - Whoop!), his entrepreneurial spirit led him to open a restaurant in Beeville, Texas. His next business venture was opening a truckload brokerage firm after moving to Boerne in 2002. Kris also is an accomplished silversmith, meticulously crafting unique wearable art from silver and turquoise. In all of his ventures, Kris has learned the absolute importance of communication, client relations, and attention to detail. These qualities, coupled with his love of real estate, made for a natural transition into a career as a REALTOR®.

Kris is also well traveled having visited a majority of the US states as well as England, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Mexico.  However, his favorite places to visit are by far the desert SW regions of the US.  Whenever he gets the opportunity you will find him hiking and backpacking the back country of our most secluded National Parks.  He finds peace in primitive camping and unwinding in nature.

In his spare time Kris is a CrossFit enthusiast and competitor, which translates to a never give up, work til the job is done attitude. He enjoys challenging himself and taking his mental and physical abilities to the limits.  Successfully completing his first 52 mile Ultra Marathon, the Cactus Rose,  was a major milestone and test of sheer determination and will.  Next on the agenda is the Texas Water Safari, a 260 mile canoe race to the Gulf.  This same tenacity that drives Kris to succeed in these endeavors will work day in and day out to make your real estate transaction a smooth and seamless one.  

Most of all though, Kris enjoys time with his two children, Hallie and Tristan.  They are the reason he gets up everyday and they are the reason he strives to be the best that he can be.

Whether you are looking to sell your existing home, find your dream home, or both..let Kris use his knowledge, experience and people skills to help you negotiate the best deal!

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Client Testimonials

"We are a family of seven moving from out of state, and that means stress. From our first meeting at an open house in November, Kris has kept us up to date on available properties in our desired area, and he has been an enormous help in finding the perfect house to fit our family and advising us on the local market. Now that we have a contract, he's guiding us through the rest of the process, and it's a great comfort (and stress reliever!) to have such a dedicated advocate."

Brandon G, 78006

"When deciding to list our home, choosing Kris and his team at Kuper Sotheby's was an obvious choice. The amount of experience they have and advertising they do for your home is what sets them apart. We are extremely happy with our decision and would highly recommended Kris!"

Sharee M, 78006

"Dear Kris, I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for all your time and support through our journey of not only finding a new home but also selling our prior home. Your patience, flexibility and expertise were exactly what we needed and we can't thank enough for all you did for us. You helped give us the peace of mind and paid attention to the finer details of the homes we were looking at and your attention to detail really helped solidify our decision for our family's next stage of life. We are in your debt sir!"

Jon T, 78006
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